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“To be GOVERNED is to be watched, inspected, spied upon, directed, law-driven, numbered, regulated, enrolled, indoctrinated, preached at, controlled, checked, estimated, valued, censured, commanded, by creatures who have neither the right nor the wisdom nor the virtue to do so. To be GOVERNED is to be at every operation, at every transaction noted, registered, counted, taxed, stamped, measured, numbered, assessed, licensed, authorized, admonished, prevented, forbidden, reformed, corrected, punished. It is, under pretext of public utility, and in the name of the general interest, to be place under contribution, drilled, fleeced, exploited, monopolized, extorted from, squeezed, hoaxed, robbed; then, at the slightest resistance, the first word of complaint, to be repressed, fined, vilified, harassed, hunted down, abused, clubbed, disarmed, bound, choked, imprisoned, judged, condemned, shot, deported, sacrificed, sold, betrayed; and to crown all, mocked, ridiculed, derided, outraged, dishonored. That is government; that is its justice; that is its morality."


Thursday, December 8, 2016

More Facebook Gestapo Style Censorship-There Is An Alternative

More Facebook Gestapo Style Censorship-There Is An Alternative

Facebook’s new Community Standards Department censoring as many conservative opinions and news as possible.

 It is not surprising that Facebook is a tool of censorship and spying for the elite. However, what is surprising is that Facebook keeps finding new ways to enslave our minds.

This is a very telling video and contains some solutions to the free speech issues related to Facebook’s censorship.

The Long & Bloody History Of ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis

The Long & Bloody History Of ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis

The disclosure by President-elect Donald Trump Thursday night that he will appoint retired Marine Corps General James Mattis as his secretary of defense has been greeted with approval across the political establishment and in the major organs of the corporate-controlled media.

Trump made the remark towards the end of his rally-style address in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he elaborated a perspective that combined extreme nationalism and militarism with demagogic promises to defend the interests of the working class. He referred several times to Mattis’s nickname, “Mad Dog,” given to him after he led the savage Marine counteroffensive that retook the Iraqi city of Fallujah in December 2004. Only in today’s America could the nomination of a general with that moniker be hailed as a sign of moderation and good sense.

Mattis’s nomination will require special legislation to pass Congress, since current law requires that a military officer be retired for at least seven years before returning to the Pentagon in a high-ranking position reserved for civilians.

When the Department of Defense was established in 1947, replacing the Department of War, Congress stipulated that no one who had served as a commissioned officer within ten years (reduced to seven in 2008) could be appointed. Though this requirement was immediately waived to allow for the appointment of General George Marshall in 1950, no former general has occupied the post in the past 66 years.

There is, however, no commitment to the basic democratic issue of civilian control of the military within the US political establishment. There is little opposition in Congress, in either party, to the passage of a waiver for Mattis.

Mattis has a long and bloody career. He played leading operational roles in both the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 and the invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003-2004. He later co-authored the Pentagon’s counterinsurgency warfare manual with General David Petraeus, and held a top position with NATO.

He ended his career as head of the US Central Command from 2010 to 2013, overseeing the US withdrawal from Iraq, the increasingly bloody stalemate in Afghanistan, and the US efforts to bolster the Egyptian military against the revolutionary upsurge in that country. He also supervised the drawing up of US plans for intervention in Syria, hailing the armed Islamic uprising against the Assad regime as a potentially devastating strategic blow to Assad’s ally Iran.

The four-star general was removed from his post at CENTCOM five months early, after he came into conflict with the Obama White House over its policy towards Iran, which he regarded as unduly conciliatory. Once retired, Mattis made his differences public, blasting the Obama administration for what he called its “policy of disengagement in the Middle East.”

This public criticism endeared Mattis to all factions of the Republican Party. “Never Trump” conservatives like William Kristol floated his name as a possible independent candidate for president against Trump. Both Trump and Hillary Clinton invited him to speak in their support at the Republican and Democratic conventions, but he declined to play any role in the 2016 campaign.

In the corporate-controlled elite media, there is remarkable unanimity in support of Trump’s appointment. The praise of Mattis runs the gamut from conservative to liberal.

The Wall Street Journal headlined its editorial, “Oorah, General Mattis,” saying that while Trump picked cronies for other positions, he “has chosen a Defense Secretary on the merits.” As for the constitutional implications, the editorial states, “The principle of civilian leadership is important, but Gen. Mattis has the knowledge and experience to deserve the dispensation.”

The Washington Post, while expressing some reservations about the prominence of retired military officers in the unfolding Trump administration, nonetheless concludes that a waiver of the ban on a retired general heading the Pentagon is warranted, supposedly as a check on the incoming president: “The extreme circumstances of the Trump presidency-to-be—including a commander in chief who is both ignorant of military and international affairs and prone to impulsiveness—strengthen the case for a Mattis exception.”

The New York Times unreservedly praises Mattis as “An Experienced Choice for the Pentagon,” suggesting that he “could bring a voice of reason to a White House that will be led by a dangerously ignorant president who has so far shown too little interest in opposing views.”

Echoing the Democratic Party and those sections of the military-intelligence apparatus that backed the Clinton campaign, both the Times and the Posthave expressed concerns that the incoming Trump administration will not be aggressive enough against Russia. On November 12, the Times published an editorial warning about “The Danger of Going Soft on Russia,” criticizing Trump for having been “Russia’s defender and the beneficiary of Moscow’s efforts to influence the elections.”

Within these circles, Mattis—who has differed with Trump on Russia—is seen as a counterweight to any tendency of the incoming administration to move away from the anti-Russia policy.

The only real concern expressed by the Times is “whether General Mattis intends to roll back military personnel policy changes adopted during the Obama administration, including opening all combat roles to women, allowing openly gay troops to serve and accommodating transgender troops.” The liberal newspaper-of-record is far more concerned with the gender and sexual identity of American troops than the identity of the people they will tasked with incinerating.

The Times has distinguished itself as the most fervent advocate of US military intervention in the Syrian civil war, supposedly on the grounds that this is necessary to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe. The “human rights” crusaders are not put off by the nomination of a general who once boasted about how killing Taliban was “fun.”

What is particularly noteworthy is that all three editorials discuss the principle of civilian control of the military, which would be effectively gutted by the appointment of Mattis, and dismiss it.

The Mattis nomination is not an isolated case. Retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, is Trump’s choice as national security adviser, the top White House position coordinating military and foreign policy. Retired General David Petraeus, former US commander in Iraq and Afghanistan and former CIA director, is a leading contender for secretary of state. Retired General John F. Kelly is under discussion to head the Department of Homeland Security. And Admiral Michael Rogers, the current head of the National Security Agency, is likely to be named Director of National Intelligence, coordinating all 19 components of the vast US intelligence apparatus.

It is thus quite possible that military officers, active or retired, could end up holding every major national security position in the incoming Trump administration. This is not merely a demonstration of the militaristic character of Trump’s perspective. It must be understood, more fundamentally, as a consequence of the long-term militarization of American foreign policy and American society as a whole.

US imperialism has been at war for most of the past 25 years, and continuously since 2001. Barack Obama, when he leaves office next January 20, will be the first president in American history to have been a wartime commander-in-chief for an entire eight years in office. It is not an accident that under such conditions, the military has come to play such a decisive role in national-security policy.

Power, Politics, & Social Change

Power, Politics, & Social Change

Above Photo: Flickr/ Feral78
Welcome to, a site about how power is distributed and wielded in the United States. It both builds upon and greatly supplements the book Who Rules America?, now in its 7th edition. The book’s new subtitle, “The Triumph of the Corporate Rich,” reflects the success of the wealthy few in defeating all of their rivals (e.g., organized labor, liberals, environmentalists) over the course of the past 35 years. The story of how the corporate rich won all the big battles is complicated, but most of the answers are in the new Who Rules America?and/or this Web site; there’s also a YouTube video of Bill giving an invited lecture on the topic.
Among the many things you’ll find here: supplementary information and updates for readers of WRA; an overview of the American power structure at the national level and an in-depth look at power at the local level; a look at the wealth and income distribution in the U.S.; and an overview of the Four Networks theory of power, which provides the best general theory of power and social change within which to situate the class-domination theory we’ve developed specifically for the United States.
There’s a special section (including photos and first-hand accounts) about a unique elite social club that’s been holding its annual California summer retreat for well over a century: The Bohemian Club & The Bohemian Grove. And there are analyses of social movements and social change based on research in the social sciences; critiquesof alternative theories of power; links to Web sites and books about power and social change in the United States; and much more. You can use the menu on the left side of the page to navigate through the site (each section heading clicks open to reveal several documents).

Questions and Answers

Q:  So, who does rule America?
A:  The owners and managers of large income-producing properties; i.e., the owners of corporations, banks, other financial institutions, and agri-businesses. But they have plenty of help from the managers and experts they hire. You can read the essential details of the argument on this site, or read the new seventh edition of Who Rules America?.
Q:  Do the same people rule at the local level that rule at the federal level?
A:  No, not quite. The local level is dominated by the land owners and businesses that own downtown real estate and big shopping malls. They come together as growth coalitions, which turn cities into “growth machines” when they gain control of local government. Everything is about land values for them, and that requires office buildings, stadiums, museums, concert halls, shoppers, conventions, and tourists.
Q:  Do they rule secretly from behind the scenes, as a conspiracy?
A:  No, conspiracy theories are all wrong for many reasons. It’s true that some corporate leaders lie and steal, and that some government officials — including the President — initiate secret actions and then try (and usually fail) to keep them out of the newspapers. But those activities are not what is meant by a conspiracy theory, most of which involve an imagined small group of people secretly plotting to gain or retain control of the government through illegal means.
Q:  Then how do they rule?
A:  That’s a complicated story, but the short answer is through lobbying, open and direct involvement in general policy planning on the big issues, participation (in large part through campaign donations) in political campaigns and elections, and through appointments to key decision-making positions in government.
Q:  Are you saying that elections don’t matter?
A:  No, but they usually matter a lot less than they could, and a lot less in America than they do in other industrialized democracies. That’s because of the nature of the electoral rules and the unique history of the South.
Q:  Does social science research have anything useful to say about making progressive social change more effective?
A:  Yes, it does, but few if any people pay much attention to that research.
Q:  Is connected to the “Who Rules America?” documents on or
A:  No! Those sites (and many others with documents purporting to tell you “who rules America”) are run by white supremacist/neo-Nazi organizations.

When It Comes To U.S. Foreign Policy, The Truth Hurts

When It Comes To U.S. Foreign Policy, The Truth Hurts

Above Photo: From
A bill before Congress could be used to target “any website, or blog, that does not share the mainstream media’s proclivity to serve as the Public Relations arm of a given administration.“ All they have to do is claim it is being “manipulated” by the Russians. But, Moscow doesn’t have to lie to counter a lawless U.S. foreign policy. “The Russians only need to stick to the facts (omitting the pipeline) to ultimately win the propaganda war.”
“The USA governing elite is sowing ever deepening dissent in the psyche of those Americans actually inclined to think, understand and know for themselves what is actually going on.”
Why is the USA media, intelligence agencies and Congress in hysteria over “Russian propaganda”? Because the Russians have, for quite some time, had the absolute upper hand in the growing field of alternative media. How is that?
What the Russians appear to have clearly recognized is how to take advantage of the corrupt nature of the western “mainstream” press, an institution which has been co-opted by western intelligence agencies for a very long time.
The Russian method? It could not be more simple; report the actual facts in the geopolitical contest and when this is inconvenient, practice lies by omission. Here is an example: Both NATO (an extension of the USA) and Russia are contesting Syria over competing energy pipelines, primarily. One from Iran transiting Syria, favored by Russia; the other from Qatar transiting Syria, favored by NATO.
The disadvantage NATO has faced in this competition is Syria controlled by a Russian ally, that is, the government of Basher al-Assad.
Because NATO sponsored Salafist militants to effect “regime change” (the preferred NATO model since 1980s Afghanistan), a large number had, not surprisingly, gone out of control (e.g. Islamic State is a direct result.) Paradoxically, NATO-aligned states have pitched the anti-Assad endeavor in terms of a “war on terror,” and there are so many NATO lies (and lies to cover lies) in the co-opted western media, the Russians only need to stick to the facts (omitting the pipeline) to ultimately win the propaganda war. What’s more is, Russia further only need stand back and allow western dissident journalists to dig up the real facts on the ground:
1. NATO’s “moderate” rebels are aligned with al-Qaida…………….. ✓
2. NATO policy created the conditions for the rise of IS…………… ✓
3. Western ally Saudi Arabia bankrolls the Salafist extremists……. ✓
4. NATO member Turkey has protected & supplied IS…………….. ✓
Depending on the geopolitical reality of the day, for instance whether the paranoid ego-maniac Sultan Erdogan of Turkey is behaving well or not, the stories by western dissident journalists that will withstand close scrutiny are run in Russian or Russia friendly media outlets. The result? Odds are 100:1 you’ll get more reliable information from Russian state TV or Russian sponsored websites than from ABC, CBS, CNN or NBC.
Shoot the messenger
 At the end of the day, the only solution NATO’s main sponsor, the USA, can come up with to protect it’s colossal efforts to deceive and manipulate the western public is to silence dissident journalists by cutting off access to alternative media. Zerohedge on the present proposal:
“On November 30, one week after the Washington Post launched its witch hunt against “Russian propaganda fake news”, with 390 votes for, the House quietly passed “H.R. 6393, Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017“, sponsored by California Republican Devin Nunes (whose third largest donor in 2016 is Google parent Alphabet, Inc), a bill which deals with a number of intelligence-related issues, including Russian propaganda, or what the government calls propaganda, and hints at a potential crackdown on “offenders.”
“A quick skim of the bill reveals “Title V—Matters relating to foreign countries,” whose Section 501 calls for the government to “counter active measures by Russia to exert covert influence … carried out in coordination with, or at the behest of, political leaders or the security services of the Russian Federation and the role of the Russian Federation has been hidden or not acknowledged publicly.”
“The section lists the following definitions of media manipulation:
* Establishment or funding of a front group.
* Covert broadcasting.
* Media manipulation.
* Disinformation and forgeries.
* Funding agents of influence.
* Incitement and offensive counterintelligence.
* Assassinations.
* Terrorist acts.
“As ActivistPost correctly notes, it is easy to see how this law, if passed by the Senate and signed by the president, could be used to target, threaten, or eliminate so-called “fake news” websites, a list which has been used to arbitrarily define any website, or blog, that does not share the mainstream media’s proclivity to serve as the Public Relations arm of a given administration“
Russian victory enhanced
The reactionary moves by the NATO/USA propagandists to having been bested in the game by Russia only sweetens the Russian victory. Similar to Erdogan’s over-reaction in cracking down on anyone who doesn’t follow the ruling party line in Turkey, the USA governing elite is sowing ever deepening dissent in the psyche of those Americans actually inclined to think, understand and know for themselves what is actually going on. The sort of reactionary behavior embodied in the color of law [anti-constitutional order represented in the “national security state”] governing the United States and its allies destabilizes any society.
Propaganda budget
The USA media mouthpieces are not going to broadcast the American propaganda budget, so let’s turn to Russia’s Sputnik to get the facts:
“Last year, the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), the US federal agency responsible for Voice of America and Radio Liberty/Radio Free Europe, among others, requested a substantial budget increase. Seeking a boost of $30 million, the BBG’s budget soared to $751.5 million.
“That was, evidently, not enough money. President Obama’s newly proposed budget for fiscal year 2017 proposes another massive increase in spending for the BBG. If granted, the agency will receive nearly $778 million, a roughly $27 million increase” [over the $30 million boost]
The Russians are willing to broadcast the factual news the USA’s intelligence agency co-opted media mouth-pieces will not. Point made?
Western press propagandizing Americans
How much of the USA’s propaganda budget is actually aimed at Americans?
The newest version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) includes an amendment that would legalize the use of propaganda on the American public, reports Michael Hastings of BuzzFeed.
The amendment — proposed by Mac Thornberry (R-Texas) and Adam Smith (D-Wash.) and passed in the House last Friday afternoon — would effectively nullify the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948, which explicitly forbids information and psychological operations aimed at influencing U.S. public opinion
Huh. And yeah, that was made into law.
Odd bedfellows
Glenn Greenwald’s related, and otherwise excellent piece ‘Washington Post Disgracefully Promotes a McCarthyite Blacklist From a New, Hidden, and Very Shady Group‘ throws a bone to one of the very worst propaganda prostitutes extant on the world-wide-web: Elliot Higgins of Bellingcat. WTF.

A Date That Will Live Forever in Infamy

A Date That Will Live Forever in Infamy

 Naval Base Bombed, Shinto Worshipers Fear Backlash - New York Times - December 8 1941

A day after planes passed over their peaceful village on the way to attack the Naval Station at Pearl Harbor, local fishermen are still picking up the pieces.

"I don't know what any of this is about," a man who would only give his name as Paji said, holding the remains of a net which he had used to earn a living. "All I know is that the killing has to stop."

In Washington, government officials urged the public to stay calm and not to jump to any conclusions warning that such reactions might play into the hands of the militant extremists responsible for the attack.

Early copies of President Roosevelt's upcoming speech to Congress likewise warn the American public of the dangers of overreaction.

"We are not at war with Japan," it says. "We are at war with a tiny handful of extremists who are attempting to drag the Japanese people into a conflict. But we must keep a cool head and not allow them to win by provoking a war. We will defeat this enemy, but we will do it by not fighting them."

A profile has emerged of at least one of these attackers. Hideki Nakamura, a graduate of Harvard and a talented oboe player, was shot down and captured. Nothing in his background, which included playing for the Harvard squash team, would have caused anyone to conclude that he was capable of such a thing.

KATANA, a local civil rights organization partly funded by Japan's war propaganda office, has warned that American foreign policy is responsible for the radicalization of such young men like Nakamura.

"What made this man hate America so much that he wanted to bomb it?" a spokeswoman for KATANA asked. "How did America fail him? And how can we win him back?"

Nakamura's guards have said that the pilot is soft-spoken and has pleasant manners, but that he becomes vocally exercised over the American embargo of Japan and the refusal of many universities to install rice paper doors in dormitories.

"Detaining Nakamura only inspires others to imitate him," KATANA said, suggesting that he instead be released back to Japan where the government is running an anti-extremism program at the Strategic Institute of War that claims to be able to deprogram extremists with a 97% success rate.

Unfortunately the program, dubbed KAMIKAZE, is unable to accommodate all potential extremists without additional foreign aid funding from the United States government.

"It's cheap for us to spend 3 million dollars fighting Japanese extremism by funding Kamikaze instead of spending 30 million on national defense," Senator Earl Hawkins said. "Studies show that one of the leading causes of anti-American sentiments is unemployment. KAMIKAZE is tackling that."

Foreign policy experts at the Center for American Progress warned that the so-called Pearl Harbor event was the product of decades of American expansionism.

"It's easy for the flag-waving jingoist in the stockyards to rave about the Japs, but this attack did not occur in a vacuum," Lester Gore-Vinton said. "Look at Commodore Perry's globalization venture and the Philippines War and our ill-advised intervention in the Russian Revolution. This is blowback."

At impromptu peace rallies in New York City's Union Square and San Francisco's Union Square, speakers called for the government to explore all options for peace. Many pointed out that more Americans die every year of shingles than were killed at Pearl Harbor.

"The United States is allied with Great Britain. We have been aiding the Western occupation of Asia," Earl Gorber of Working People Want Peace and a Living Wage Now said. "The only amazing thing is that it took this long to happen. As long as the United States continues propping up the reactionary imperialists of Great Britain against the progressive movements of the German and Japanese vanguard of the working class, attacks like these will come again and again."

Some were skeptical that Japan had even been behind the attack.

"Anyone can paint insignia on a plane and drop some smoke bombs. That's all we've seen on these photos," Martha Gabbitz exclaimed. "There hasn't even been a declaration of war.  We don't have a single piece of undeniable proof that there was even an attack. All it takes is a week in a photo lab and the government can produce a picture of anything."

Meanwhile at Shinto temples in Los Angeles, the mood was fearful and subdued. Worshipers refused to give their names worried about the consequences to their families.

"This is madness," an older gentleman studying detailed charts of the California coastline said. "One day you're an All-American entrepreneur studying submarine trade routes to America and the next day everyone is glaring at you no matter how many American flags you stick on your aerial poison gas balloon."

In San Francisco, the 109-year-old Rev. Francis Wheatley-Simpson, famous for protesting every war, including the Civil War, had already declared a hunger strike, even though no American forces were engaged in fighting.

"War is never the answer," Wheatley-Simpson said, as he had said about WW1, the Spanish-
American War, the Civil War and the French and Indian War. "Love is the answer. Violence never solves anything. America was not built on war. It will not survive through war."

"It doesn't matter what Japan did. There will be war," predicted Mason Johnson, author of War is a Farce That Forces Us to Fear. "We love war. We are obsessed with war. That's why we have a society with such rampant criminality. Our idea of masculinity is to use force on everything. Even our national symbols represent violation and patriarchy. If it isn't Japan, it will be someone else."

Meanwhile on a Topeka street, Barnard Stevenson, an 18-year-old lad blinked in confusion when asked about Pearl Harbor. He likewise could not name Hitler or Mussolini and had no idea where Europe was. He was however able to name the stars of Rocket Assault, the latest big film in which a dashing reporter must team up with the enemy to stop his own government from provoking a war with a false flag attack.

"Is this anything kind of like that?" he wondered when the Pearl Harbor attack was explained to him.

 Daniel Greenfield

Pro Deo et Constitutione –
Libertas aut Mors Semper Vigilans Fortis
Paratus et Fidelis
Joseph F Barber

“I don't even call it violence when it's in self defense; I call it intelligence.”
― Malcolm X



When a military boss is installed as the head of government, displacing civilian leadership, we call it martial law. In the 20th century we expected to see this as the general of an army kicking out a president and taking over. The 21stcentury has brought us a variation on that theme, but it still involves military organizations ruling over everyone else.
Right now, we’re living under groups that have inserted themselves into the most intimate parts of our lives and stand ready to order force down upon us. The people doing this are a variety of intelligence agencies, and I’d like you to remember that the NSA is the military. So are the Defense Intelligence Agency and half a dozen other spy units.
Here’s a passage from Julian Assange in Cypherpunks: Freedom and the Future of the Internet that makes my point well:
When you communicate over the internet, when you communicate using mobile phones… your communications are being intercepted by military intelligence organizations… It’s a soldier between you and your wife as you’re SMSing. We are all living under martial law as far as our communications are concerned, we just can’t see the tanks – but they are there.
But it’s not just the military that has displaced traditional power. It’s Google (partnership with the Department of State, long-standing CIA ties), Facebook (FBI, CIA, who knows), and a host of other “free” services.
As for bringing force down upon us via new processes, consider these cases:

Everyone Is Targeted

We’re used to thinking of policemen working backward from the crime: Get some clues, follow them, then target an individual or two for closer scrutiny. But that’s not the way it’s done now.
Now, under the new enforcement regime, everyone is targeted… in advance.
This has been done in the name of efficiency and safety of course… because that’s what sells. Targeting individuals after the fact “might allow something bad to happen,” and so the aforementioned outfits simply suck it all up – every website you visit, every mouse click, every email, every text… from everyone.
And by the way, there are probably a dozen projects that want to use that data to predict crime. In fact, that’s already being doneLampposts are now installed with hidden microphones. Again, they are gathering evidence on everyone, in advance. And this on top of cameras everywhere.
So, almost everything you do is already organized to be “held against you in a court of law.” The evidence has been gathered and is available at all times. The new martial law is already here.

And It Gets Worse

All that data is not used merely for enforcement – not by a long stretch. A far more efficient use of it is to manipulate you. But whether they’re nudging you to a more socially useful opinion or to buy a different pair of shoes, that’s how Google, Facebook, and the rest make their money. Their users don’t pay them.
Simply as a means of increasing profit, once these outfits already have all the data, why not use it for three things, or twenty, or a hundred?
Someone said to me the other day: Free is the most dangerous word in the English language. And indeed it is, because free has brought a new kind of martial law upon us all. And what’s worse, millions are addicted to it and many more millions don’t want to know.
And if you’re tempted to think that this doesn’t involve the military, remember that the NSA and GCHQ were teaching military operatives to manipulate people on the internet years ago. Are we really to assume that they haven’t automated this?

New Laws Will Accomplish Nothing

Please don’t let yourself think that new laws will fix this, because they won’t. Laws take long periods of time to write and still longer to implement. By the time they have any effect, technology has moved along and new ways to gather and abuse data have replaced the old ones… then it’ll be years before those are outlawed, presuming that enough pressure is applied.
And pressure is no guarantee either, since the data-grabbers throw a lot more money around Washington than you do.

What Should We Do?

I’ve explained what to do several times already, so I won’t repeat it here. But the essential step is to recognize what’s going on. Without that, nothing else matters.
The truth is that we’re already living under a new kind of martial law. Either we face it or we don’t.

Pro Deo et Constitutione – 
Libertas aut Mors Semper Vigilans Fortis 
Paratus et Fidelis 
Joseph F Barber

Live Outside the Box

Live Outside the Box

I am Joseph F Barber a sovereign Individual born and raised as such,I am what our government would have you believe is the most dangerous element in America today; a sovereign an un-brainwashed, middle class, middle aged, pissed off white man.they could not be ,more wrong in their assessment of individuals l;ike myself

Have you ever stopped to think about how much of your life is just a matter of following predetermined rules, which you have learned from your parents, your culture and your education?is your soul for sale ?? how much would you take for it?? your children's future or that of the future generations to come tell me people for that is exactly what we are doing by our own silence

Have you ever desired to step outside of that "box" and become a truly autonomous individual?

Well, I can tell you, it's a lot harder than you think.

Just consider some of the things you may want to question, and therefore may want to discard, in the process of freeing yourself from the shackles of various pre-programmed auto-beliefs.

Education: A better term for this would be brainwashing. And this accusation is supported by the fact the whole education system is controlled by the state, and that they won't let go of such control.The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself,“Drop out of school before your mind rots from exposure to our mediocre educational system. Forget about the Senior Prom and go to the library and educate yourself if you've got any guts. Some of you like Pep rallies and plastic robots who tell you what to read.”

My own children are long grown up. But if I was starting over, I'd seriously consider not sending them to school at all!

Seriously, I think the idea that children should be "locked up" in a government-controlled environment from the time they are five (or earlier) is really scary.“Governments want efficient technicians, not human beings, because human beings become dangerous to governments – and to organized religions as well. That is why governments and religious organizations seek to control education.”

Who said this type of education is necessary anyway? Is there any scientific proof this stilted process is any better than simply learning the basics, then being encouraged to follow your own desires and interests from then on? or should we allow our children and ourselves to be Governed “To be GOVERNED is to be watched, inspected, spied upon, directed, law-driven, numbered, regulated, enrolled, indoctrinated, preached at, controlled, checked, estimated, valued, censured, commanded, by creatures who have neither the right nor the wisdom nor the virtue to do so. To be GOVERNED is to be at every operation, at every transaction noted, registered, counted, taxed, stamped, measured, numbered, assessed, licensed, authorized, admonished, prevented, forbidden, reformed, corrected, punished. It is, under pretext of public utility, and in the name of the general interest, to be place under contribution, drilled, fleeced, exploited, monopolized, extorted from, squeezed, hoaxed, robbed; then, at the slightest resistance, the first word of complaint, to be repressed, fined, vilified, harassed, hunted down, abused, clubbed, disarmed, bound, choked, imprisoned, judged, condemned, shot, deported, sacrificed, sold, betrayed; and to crown all, mocked, ridiculed, derided, outraged, dishonored. That is government; that is its justice; that is its morality."

I know my own father,  left school at 14. And yet, he was much more literate than most 20 year olds today - in the sense he had a full grasp of the English language and a fully competent understanding of mathematics. He was equipped for life at 14 - and thereafter, his "education" consisted in following his own dreams, and learning what he wanted to learn.

In my book I have been writing not puplished yet , a basic education should be able to stop at around 7 years old - to be followed by encouragement to learn that which is of interest. In other words, to follow one's passion. As I'm sure you know, when you have a passion or keen interest, it's completely natural, and enjoyable to learn about it.

"But", I hear you say, "what about a college education and a degree - so our children can grow up and get a good job?"

Which brings me to the second idea that should be challenged.

A Job: What's a job? It's when you sell your labour to someone else - in return for money. The whole of our educational system is geared towards teaching children how to get a job. Nowhere is it taught how to CREATE a job.

A job is the last thing you should want (if you value your freedom) - as it ties you to the objectives and requirements of another person or organisation. Why settle for a job, when you could create your own? Why be bound to someone else's goals, when you could be dreaming and acting on your own?

I'll tell you why, because state education has completely removed both the desire and the means to do so.
A great life lesson for every single one of us to understand is that life is what we make out of it. Your life, your wealth, your whole being isn't determined by status, or material things, it is determined by how you live it, and how you make use of every single resource that you may have available in it. Life is not about how much you have or where you have been, life is about what you will have
 with the hard work that you put into it, and where you will someday go with your hard work as well.

All that's left is the crazy drive to get everybody "educated" in order to get into university - where they can get a degree, to show a future employer - in order to get a job! It's a merry-go- round from bizarro world!

If I had a young child now, I'd want them to grow up without this mind-numbing rubbish being drilled into them, and for them to enter the adult world as someone fully believing in their ability to create their own job, and generate their own income - doing what they LOVE.

I think this is the reason I admire British billionaire, Richard Branson, so much. He lives totally "out of the box". He is not limited in his ideas as to what he can and cannot do.

He started out in business in mail-order music. Then one day had the idea he'd like to have an airline (Virgin). And wow he wants to take tourists into space. He's a man who sees no barriers and takes no prisoners. I can only assume that while growing up - in spite of any official education - he must have been exposed to a lot of liberating ideas about his own ability to lead a life of his own choosing. A truly self-made man.

the lesson here is Never neglect the person you see in the mirror. This is the only person in the world, who has witnessed the entirety of your life. This person has experienced the thick the thin, the highs the lows, the good the bad. There are not too many certainties in life, but here's one. This person will stick with you for life, so in exchange for it’s lifelong service make sure you place a high value on them.Life isn't about the miserable job that you may have right now, but instead it is about how you will use this miserable job as a step in your journey in life towards happiness and being fulfilled. Live your life to the fullest in every moment, and remember that we must treat all the little things in life as importantly as we treat the areas in our lives that we see as much larger.

Religion: Now here's a big one. It's obvious most people don't choose a religion - it's simply drummed into their consciousness at an early age. How else can you explain that a Catholic country produces millions of Catholics - rather than Muslims? And vice see people “People are more willing to change based on their perceived insecurities than by an attack on their beliefs.”

Now, if you're religious, don't get offended by what I'm saying, but rather put yourself outside your own head for a moment, and think about it.

Have you ever stopped to really consider what religion is - and why you should believe in one?

Have you ever really, seriously set out to prove the validity of your own beliefs - or did you just acquire them by osmosis?

I can tell you, there is a very good reason why Jesuits have always said if you give them a child until he is seven years old, then he will be "theirs" for life! They know a thing or two about the power of religion - or the power of any belief system that is inculcated at such an early age.

I grew up in a very religious home - and as a result, came back to the "fold" after a brief rebellion during my teenage years. However, after a studied re-evaluation when I was older, I discarded my early beliefs. And as a result, I brought up my own children without religion. Strangely enough - they don't miss it!

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not saying you can't believe what you want - I'm just suggesting that such beliefs (if not chosen rationally - but "absorbed" while growing up) can be counter- productive to you leading a life of your own choosing.

Of course, I shouldn't have to point out that the history of war and conflict - including the present day - has a lot to do with the consequences of irrationally held beliefs.
Be brave enough to live life creatively. The creative is the place where no one else has ever been. You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. You can’t get there by bus, only by hard work and risk and by not quite knowing what you are doing. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover will be yourself.

You can "test" this assertion for yourself - by noting your own reaction to the word "fundamentalist". If you're like most people, it will have a negative impact on you - and will probably conjure up images of zealots with a scary look in their eyes, or worse, who pose a potential threat to your own life.
Acts of virtue emerge from deep within, from an inner sanctuary of silence from which inspiration flows. Every action has its seed in a thought and every thought is a creation of the thinker, the soul. I choose what thoughts I want to create and as is my thinking so are my actions and also my experience in life. Going within, I touch the stillness and pure love that lie at the core of my being and every thought that I create is of benefit to myself and of benefit to humanity.

But what IS a "fundamentalist"? It's just someone who believes 100% in the literal meaning and edicts of their own particular religion. This belief is not usually of the scientifically proven kind, but rather a deeply held conviction born of cultural and educational input during early childhood.

The State: This is also is a form of religion - the secular variety. We grow up worshipping the state. We sing national anthems. We fly flags. We fight and die for it. We pay taxes. We vote. We even kow-tow to the very people who have the gall to call themselves public "servants" - while acting like public slave masters. And in the UK (and other Commonwealth countries), we used to stand to attention at the end of the movies - to the tune of "God Save the Queen".

The state is a form of madness. It's the fundamentalist belief that disorder can only be managed by force; that the economy is some sort of machine; and that people must be herded like sheep - lest they go astray.You were not born to struggle. You were not born to live a life where the moments of joy are few and far between. You were not born to toil in your work five days a week, with fleeting moments of happiness on weekends. You were not born to live with limited energy, feeling exhausted at the end of each day. You were not born to worry or be afraid. You were not born to suffer. What would be the point of your life? You are meant to experience life to its fullest and have everything you want and, at the same time, be filled with joy, health, vitality, excitement, and love, because that is an amazing life.

“You know, if we understand one question rightly, all questions are answered. But we don't know how to ask the right question. To ask the right question demands a great deal of intelligence and sensitivity. Here is a question, a fundamental question: is life a torture? It is, as it is; and man has lived in this torture centuries upon centuries, from ancient history to the present day, in agony, in despair, in sorrow; and he doesn't find a way out of it. Therefore he invents gods, churches, all the rituals, and all that nonsense, or he escapes in different ways. What we are trying to do, during all these discussions and talks here, is to see if we cannot radically bring about a transformation of the mind, not accept things as they are, nor revolt against them. Revolt doesn't answer a thing. You must understand it, go into it, examine it, give your heart and your mind, with everything that you have, to find out a way of living differently. That depends on you, and not on someone else, because in this there is no teacher, no pupil; there is no leader; there is no guru; there is no Master, no Saviour. You yourself are the teacher and the pupil; you are the Master; you are the guru; you are the leader; you are everything. And to understand is to transform what is.

I think that will be enough, won't it?”

The question is: how do you undo a lifetime of brainwashing and gain the knowledge, conviction and courage to live outside the box?

In my own experience, there is really only one way - to expose yourself to very different IDEAS. To challenge your intellectual status quo - by confronting a completely different view of the world, and your place in it.

And if someone asked me to point them in the right direction, and suggest sources of such radically different viewpoints - I'd probably say, "start by reading these four books".

And here they are:

"Atlas Shrugged" - by Ayn Rand. The story of a man who decided that evil only existed because people gave it permission - and so organised a "strike" of all the people of ability. He secretly persuaded all such people to escape to a private hideaway - and engage in a form of passive resistance, by removing their sanction of such evil.

"Sic Itur Ad Astra" (This is the way to the stars) by Andrew J Galambos. A brilliant and challenging thesis that debunks the "party line" that the state (force) can ever deliver freedom. He goes on to outline why he believes that freedom is a product, and how it must, ultimately, be delivered by the market.

"How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World" - by Harry Browne. A challenging look into the cultural blocks to the achievement of our own happiness - and how to free oneself from them. He also discusses the essential difference between direct and indirect action - and shows why direct action is the only way to achieve one's goals.

"The Internationalist Blueprint" - by Nicholas Pullen. A complete overview and set of strategies for becoming what is known as a Perpetual Traveller - or an "international citizen". The book thoroughly explores the nature of state power - and offers a practical way to escape the worst excesses of it.

The first three books can be got from Laissez Faire Books

"The Internationalist Blueprint"

Thinking outside the box is one thing - and a necessary first step. But thinking alone doesn't achieve anything. Thinking needs to lead to action - to LIVING outside the box.
I'm not saying it's easy. But it can be done, bit by bit - if you have the flame of desire for a freer life.

Yours in freedom

Pro Deo et Constitutione –
Libertas aut Mors Semper Vigilans Fortis
Paratus et Fidelis
Joseph F Barber